CJL Special Issue

Guidelines for Reviewers

The Canadian Journal of Linguistics is preparing a special issue on Teaching and Learning in Linguistics.

We encourage reviewers to take a developmental approach to reviewing. Along with a recommendation to the editors about the publishability of the manuscript, please offer the authors advice from a formative point of view, indicating revisions the authors could undertake to make the manuscript strong enough to publish. In your review, consider as many of the following questions as are relevant to the submission.

  • Is the research question of interest to the CJL readership? Does it address an issue or topic in the teaching or learning of Linguistics?

  • If the research includes human participants, does the manuscript demonstrate that the relevant ethical principles have been considered (for example, REBs in Canada or IRBs in the US)?

  • In what ways does the manuscript situate the research question in the broader SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching & Learning) literature or in the Linguistics literature? Are there other relevant works that the paper should engage with?

  • How does the method of enquiry relate to the question presented in the paper? What other methodological considerations should the manuscript explore?

  • What innovations or creative approaches does the manuscript offer for Linguistics learners and teachers? How broadly applicable is the approach to diverse learners and teachers of Linguistics?

  • What is the evidence for the approach offered? What other interpretations of the evidence should the manuscript consider?

  • In what ways does the manuscript promote further knowledge, conversations, or collaborations about teaching and learning in Linguistics?

  • What revisions to the prose or organization of the paper should the authors consider?

CJL Special Issue CFP