TILCoP Canada

TILCoP is the Teaching in Linguistics Community of Practice. We are instructors of Linguistics at universities in Canada. We meet regularly to talk about our teaching practice, pedagogical research, and linguistics!

Current Members (September 2021)

  • Catherine Anderson, McMaster University

  • Bronwyn Bjorkman, Queen's University

  • Derek Denis, University of Toronto

  • Julianne Doner, University of Toronto

  • Liisa Duncan, York University

  • Meg Grant, Simon Fraser University

  • Daniel Currie Hall, St. Mary's University

  • Martin Kohlberger, University of Saskatchewan

  • Tim Mills, University of Alberta

  • Nathan Sanders, University of Toronto

  • Ai Taniguchi, University of Toronto

Follow us on Twitter @tilcop to get updates on what we're doing. And if you teach linguistics in Canada and would like to get involved, or send an email to teaching.in.linguistics@gmail.com .

The podcast where linguists talk about why we do linguistics! This podcast is a companion to any Intro Linguistics course.

A free, open-access textbook for any Intro Linguistics course, with a special focus on Canadian English. Stay tuned for the expanded 2nd edition coming out in 2022!

We participated in the organized session on Scholarly Teaching in the Age of Covid-19 and Beyond at the 2021 Annual Meeting of thje Linguistic Society of America.